Leila B. Mostaço-Guidolin

Team Up.

Are you interested in becoming part of my team? There are several ways you can help me to keep my Olympic dream alive. Here they are:

Becoming a sponsor

If you or your company is looking for an athlete to represent your brand, why not considering a Brazilian cross country skier? :) Cross country ski events arouse interest anywhere in the World. When traveling, being a Brazilian cross country skier raises even more interest! For more details about sponsoring packages, offers, target public info and much more, please download my brochure here and contact me directly by email, skype or phone.

Pódio Brasil - closed

Are you not a company? Are you an enthusiastic of cross country ski? Or you simply think I deserve your support? Click here and take a look on my profile in a platform devoted to crowdfund Brazilian athletes. It’s simple, easy and by making any donation thorough Podio Brasil you will get exclusive "give-backs" to thank you for your support! Be part of my team now!

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